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Zarrin Gostar Raamaan


' Mission &
Vision '

Mission: Raamaan Co. promotes the development, profitability, stability and sustainability of primary agriculture in IRAN by means of its involvement and input on national and international policy and the implementation thereof.

Vision: Unity about Agro commodities importation

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Raamaan Co. is an active member of animal feed distributors trade union and also animal feed importers trade union of Islamic Republic of IRAN which are under administration of ministry of agriculture-JAHAD. Currently our focus is maintaining fine status in market share in importation.

Our main products consist of livestock feed for aviculture and dairy centers like feed corn, feed barely, rapeseed, soy bean and soy bean oil cakes.

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Our Values & Beliefs


We believe that customer satisfaction is a key to business success. We understand that knowing your customers and their needs will help providing them with the best products and services. We also believe that providing excellent customer service, makes our customers feel valued, and assures them that we stand behind our products.


Our core values and beliefs are focused on the respect we have for our customers and employees. We also believe that the respect of the public and the environment is very important for our development and growth. Most importantly, we believe that creating a safety and enjoyable environment for our workers will make a difference in their performance.


Our main goal is to make sure that our customers get the best available products and services on the market. We believe that providing quality products and services will create a mutual trust between our company and our valued customers.